Dermatitis medicamentosa following the ingestion used of various drugs is so frequently of the morbilliforni character as to render differentiation necessary. Such substances as excite an energetic peristalic action, or great efforts at vomiting, act, according to my effects view, in a mechanical way; in fact, they bring about the internal traction wdiich I obtained by kneading." To these remarks we would add, that belladonna and acetate of lead, which have been found useful in these cases, probably act in the same way. The intensity as well as the frequency of the asthmatic attacks was definitely reduced: syrup. A very few paragraphs will suflice to convey an idea of the scope of the work, and attract the attention of such persons as are disposed to prosecute researches in and that direction. In the larger institution, there are usually inherent correctives for the inadequacies of any particular staff member; in the "what" smaller institution, these inadequacies may become a Yes, the student health physician must be all I have said of him; if not all of these to the same degree of excellent, at least to some degree. It implies however that hysteria can only manifest itself through mechanisms that are normally under 25 voluntary control. He suggested that the well-known euphoria of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis and of severe septic conditions might be due to the effect of the toxiemic condition hcl on the endocrine system. After forty years of age, another problem presents itself, namely, coronary disease, many of whom have a systolic much and I am very much interested in what side he had to say. In their day, with the abundance of military surgerj', cases were much more frequent than mg now.

The physical hydrochloride signs were often obscure, and the diagnosis often depended upon the history and the symptoms. The degeneration of portions of the growth, as is commonly seen in the softer varieties, may lead to cyst formation, or to ulceration, abscess formation, or gangrene, as the result "atarax" of secondary infection.

There had is been an evanescent rise in the blood pressure at the beginning, followed by a fall of pressure.

On the other hand, it is logical to suppose that with wide fluctuation among microbes, affecting even the quality of virulence, the possibility is to be reckoned with of particular variants (mutants?) of enhanced powers of infectivity, becoming dispersed and thus leading to The investigation of ordered variation or mutation among the bacteria was greatly advanced by de Kruif's observation of changes occurring in pure-line strains of the bacillus of rabbit septicemia (Bacterium lepisepticum) and of Arkwright's observations on reactions more or less in common, can but differ markedly in acid and saline agglutination points.


During the administration of this anaesthetic there had been absolute suppression of urine from the pam beginning of the anesthesia. There pamoate were more than an hour and a half after the fall.

In view of these results we certainly ought to give anti-dysenteric serum a more extended trial in the acute cases of ulcerative colitis which chnically 50 resemble acute dysentery. There was "oral" no history of dyspnea, edema, cyanosis or blood spitting. I learned from her that sucli attacks were frequent, and she attributed the present one to the travel in the cars, or tablet from the walk from the boat to the hotel.

The stools had been normal, showing no evidence of blood, and he had experienced no for symptoms of intestinal obstruction. Now it may be said, without any comment in advance, that it is not improbable that a doctrine so vital as that of epidemic over constitution has shown itself to be, may after all, and in spite of certain vaguenesses and repellant features, still contain a morsel of precious truth, the detection and elucidation of which may be essential to a complete understanding the occurrence of epidemics depends.

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