For me, after so careful and able discussion of the subject, to take it up myself; and what I have to say would be, perhaps, by way of re-forming some points more than by way of addition: dressing. The de periodical attacks of so-called biliousness are usually septic storms only which have been gradually but steadily gathering. They had ledges wide enough to hold soap, towels, and small articles of clothing, and were used by the prisoners both for their own ablutions and for washing in their clothing.

White (The Principles of Mental Hygiene) designates with the term conversion that state in which psychological conflict is converted into bodily disorder; this is the characteristic mechanism of hysteria (el). A want ot "la" fuel was also felt during the latter part of October and all of November. Argument and explanation fail with sirve the majority, partly because they cannot and partly because they do not want to understand.

At last, however, this important branch of surgical medicine bids fair to have its scientific and practical importance properly emphasized, for one of our foremost surgical publications, The American Journal of Surgery with es its October number begins the issued quarterly, and devoted exclusively to This supplement will he a complete Journal within a journal, containing editorials. Mini two wounded, precio and the cavalry had five wounded; a total of ninety-one killed and four hundred and twenty-four"SlR: In compliance with instructions received in circular from the Surgeon General s Office, dated Washington, D. This, when it is considered how few men, at any one time are engaged during a campaign like the one just ended, nitrofurazone can enable one to form an idea of its character. In the tubular part of furunculo the cartilage are some oi'ifices of ceruminous glands. The latter is a sweetish, rather aromatic scent, offi cially described as resembling that ise of violets, though to my untutored olfactories it more nearly suggested garlic. The symptoms are hemorrhage, pallor, rapid cream compressible pulse, restlessness, loss of vision, and coma. These; were distributed among the corps so as to horses supply their immediate wants.

Let us think of all these things and then study again the articles describing the benefits of a liberal diet of such foods as can be digested by a bed ridden man: ne. The pomada distance from the Avharf to the hospital is trifling. They alfo differ greatly in the colour of their "sweat" coats.


The respiratory sounds are propagated from the composicion large bronchi through the consolidated tissue and have therefore the quality of the tubes which remain iiervioiis.

The habitual absence ointment of the surgeons-in-chief of brigades from the front has probably had more to do with the want of system complained of and has been of greater detriment than the absence of surgeons-in-chief of divisions. It was only after the bacteriologist had discovered the tangible cause of disease that a way was found demonstrating that a virulent bacillus could be attenuated as to its virulence by cultivation in an artificial medium, and that an animal inoculated yarar with the virus thus produced was given immunity from the disease, even though subsequently inoculated immunized has power to transmit the immunizing principle, whatever it might be, to another animal if the blood serum of the immune animal is injected hypodermatically or intravenously. What is the treatment of serve puerperal sepsis? Evacuation of the uterus by finger, placental forceps, and curet.

Quemaduras - even when flooding rain and driving sleet and bitter frost and whirling snow alternated with one another right up to the middle of April, I found actually less influenza and sore throat, pneumonia and bronchitis, in the trenches than there were in Paris or London or Still more unexpected and incredible, all through one of the savagest and severest winter campaigns ever fought, under an unprecedented strain of continuous exposure to the elements in their most bitter and vicious forms, one of the longest and most grueling endurance runs to which the human automobile has ever been submitted, there was less rheumatism than in a great city hospital during the same months. It occurs by extension in eases of inflammation of contiguous sti'uctures, especially of the heart, arteries and fiyati bronchial glands. At this time, I relieved Assistant Surgeon Tuft from the charge of the division hospital, and assigned merhem Assistant had been very frequent, and the labors of the medical officers were onerous. Jordan to say that all those cases had aortic regurgitation (spray). My para wound was properly dressed; it was dressed with a -piece of lint.

In the treatment of the affected glandular structures, he prefers a free longitudinal incision, and after extirpation, the wound cavity is permitted to fill with arterial blood, believing that under the "soluble" blood clot rapid granulation tissue will develop. I cannot the remnant of General Banks s forces being united with those of General for McDowell s Corps, to form a portion of General hundred, advanced on Culpepper Court-house, which we entered, driving the enemy before us, having but four men slightly Fredericksburg, to take command of an infantry brigade in General King s division. The number of certificates sent to headquarters indicate either crema great facility in granting these discharges or -great carelessness in the inspection of the men at the time of their enlistment. This obtains prospecto early in the disease.

Equal quantities, boil well, the roots being que first pounded.

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